Angie Koch offers investing advice in new Huffington Post column

Angela Koch, also known as Angie Koch, recently became a contributor for the Huffington

Post new site. As a contributor, Koch will write articles based on finance for the popular news blogging site. She brings her experience as head of
the U.S. Money Reserve, a gold, silver and precious metals firm, to
her new post.

The CEO of the largest government-issued gold and
precious metal coin distributor in the world now earned this position
earlier this month, according to a US Money Reserve press release.

Koch brings her experience developing the company’s culture and leading her fellow employees and executives to her new role. As a columnist for only news blog to win a Pulitzer Prize, she plans to offer her experience
and knowledge to more than 78 million unique readers per month.

Topics covered in her new column include leadership, business,
investment strategy, culture and politics. Her fist column touched
on all of these issues and how they affected the Democratic National

According to Glassdoor, The US Money Reserve CEO plans to continue offering investment advice and tips through hernew platform. Although she favors using precious metals in her own portfolio, she understands the importance of protecting a person’s investments by diversifying his portfolio.

The US Money Reserve offers gold, silver, and other precious metal investing services to consumers all around the world. It deals largely in government-issued coins. Visitors can found out more by visiting the company’s website or by reading her latest column on the Huffington Post website.

Read more on Crunchbase about US Money Reserve.

People can purchase many coins that can be placed in their own safes from the former company. The company periodically adds new offers to its site.

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