Dr. Dov Rand Develops An Integrative New Weight Loss Method

As a bioidentical hormone specialist, Dr. Dov Rand is interested in integrating supplements with lifestyle changes to help patients improve their lives. Using IV nutrient treatments and alternative therapies, Dr. Rand helps his patients achieve their weight loss goals and hopes to reverse the effects of aging. His methods are intended to fight disease and stave off illness, but also to restore a higher level of vitality and an overall improved sense of wellbeing to each individual (https://www.zocdoc.com/doctor/dov-rand-md).

Treating patients at the Healthy Medical Center, Dr. Dov Rand has effectively treated patients with his methods, helping them resolve a number of conditions. For menopausal women, for instance, Dr. Rand’s individualized therapies have helped to reduce the occurrences of hot flashes, weight gain, and mood swings, while helping to improve mental clarity and eliminate feelings of anxiety. In male patients, as well, Dr. Rand has helped reduce the development and severity of muscle atrophy, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, memory loss, and insomnia.

Dr. Dov Rand has also developed his HCG Diet Plan, which incorporates a unique hormone found in women during pregnancy. This hormone nourishes the fetus, but administered to adults who are dieting can help stop degeneration of muscle tissue. In addition to this supplement, the HCG Diet Plan requires a very low calorie intake. This helps the diet to produces results much faster than many other weight loss plans.

The HCG hormone therapy helps patients eat less without feeling hungrier, which helps reduce cheating between meals. The reduced feelings of hunger are especially helpful to people who have already tried restrictive calorie diets unsuccessfully. The hormone, called human chorionic gonadotropin, helps people lose more weight sooner, even where weight loss has been problematic in the past.

Dr. Dov Rand recognizes the weight management problems people face, especially in America. Food is available everywhere in the United States and healthy eating alternatives are harder to come by, so most people eat high sugar, high fat diets that promote weight gain. Dr. Rand can help his patients alter their lifestyles, so they won’t gain their weight back after going off of the HCG Diet Plan. By integrating better choices with his hormone treatments Dr. Rand is helping people live healthier, as well as helping them get thinner.


Glen Wakeman: A Profession of Financial Literacy

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur and teacher when it comes down to how to actually succeed in business, especially if the mentioned business is a struggling start up independent company in survival mode (https://www.dreamfunded.com/team/glen-wakeman). Glen Wakeman lived in six different countries, worked in over thirty countries, and put in well over twenty years of his life in General Electric. He has changed businesses for the better which affected over seventeen thousand employees, and allocated about fifteen billion in assets (Affiliatedork). His course of material when it comes down to showing people how to strive and succeed in the business world is most importantly becoming a better leader, and then applying the lessons of leadership to the workplace in order to start seeing some real growth happening in the new found industry. His platform LaunchPad Holdings LLC is where Glen Wakeman usually does his financial mentoring, meaning people who need help come to Glen and he goes through the tactics and studies to help his clientele understand how to win in the game of life, whether it be through gaining adequate capital, or expanding their executive branch. Glen gleans his understanding from personal experience, as the worst job Glen Wakeman ever held was when he needed capital to pay off college fees, and thus took up a temporary position as a cleaner for the bathrooms at an automobile factory. He knows how hard it could be for an idea to be manifested into an actualized reality, and that’s why he inspires so many budding capitalists through LaunchPad Holdings LLC which he founded. It wasn’t a get rich quick scheme that worked for Glen Wakeman, but instead it was a step by step overall process which ultimately led to the momentum of his progress. He states that his main reason for getting results was his constant demand for excellence, which he has proven by his outstanding records.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: A strange take on American Affairs

There has been criticism of some political ideology in the U.S. leaning towards parts of fascist trends, and Sean Penn has looked to express this idea in his new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. In interviews with Trevor Noah of the Daily Show, and Vogue Magazine, Penn pushes his new book which has been labeled strange, unconventional, and lacking a formal plot. Penn tells Noah that the book looks at “the dark nature of humans” in which when exporting democracy to other countries it can easily fall to fascism. He feels that this could be occurring in the U.S. and has created Bob Honey as a metaphor for this. Bob, explained in the interview, is an angry American, who loathes his ex-wife, and during his free time goes on mallet wielding sprees, in which he murders older citizens. He justifies this killing, because these people are standing in the way of progress.

Though the story is a satire, Bob witnesses many current events, like the election of 2016. He also towards the end of the story writes an angry letter to the U.S. President, whom he feels is not fit for such a position. If this connection isn’t eery enough, Penn says to Vogue that the plot is in a parallel plain to the #METOO movement in its sentiment. Penn tells Noah that Bob is supposed to resemble the American who is compelled to serve his country, but has no direction. In a Vogue interview, Penn says his inspiration for Bob Honey Who Just do stuff was the Parkland survivors.

Aside from the story, Penn discusses in the interviews his hiatus from acting, and his reasons for writing this novel. He first discusses his anger with Trump over his racist comments towards countries like Haiti. He also discusses his unlikely friendship with Hugo Chavez, and how he feels that democracy isn’t always the best fit for a country. He even discusses his hatred for the war on drugs “that has killed almost as many as in Syria,” and how the interview with El Chapo was necessary. From the Daily Show studios, and his couch in Los Angeles, Penn gives a compelling case for his reasons in writing this strange book.

Read the NYT review here:


Buy the book on Amazon here.


David Giertz Says Undervaluing Employees Lead To Dissatisfaction

David Giertz says his mother gave him the best advice he could have ever received while he was in high school: “Work hard, be positive, and learn something new everyday.” Giertz says he has always taken that advice to heart, and it’s the primary reason for his success.

Giertz has worked for years in the financial services industry. While president at Nationwide Financial, he was responsible for helping the division grow from $11 billion to $17.8 billion. Before Nationwide, he worked as a Financial Adviser with Citibank. He moved up to Executive Sales Director then on to Executive Vice President of Sales.

When asked about an idea that has come to fruition. David Giertz answered referring to some of the things he’s seen while working in the corporate world. He noticed that many top performers at several companies were departing. Through exit interviews he found it wasn’t due to the money but rather being undervalued and feeling unappreciated.

He implemented a plan where 20% of the top performers were brought in twice a year to provide information and feedback on what the company was doing wrong and what worked. He found that it helped boost morale and gave executives a means to work more closely with their staff. In the end, it lowered the turnover rate contributed to employee satisfaction.

He says his typical day is never the same. He organizes his day based on anticipated challenges. Customer needs and how he can implement solutions is of the utmost importance. He says he also uses a significant amount of time answering emails and speaking to his staff. He always keeps the lines of communication open.

Overall, David Giertz says he’s found that bringing in the right people to have around you promotes success. He says he will continue to live by the advice his mom gave him. So far, it’s brought him a lot of good luck.

The Basics of Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is one of the best ways for people to improve their finances. Many people are interested in investing, but few people have experience doing so. Working with a mentor is a proven strategy for improving results during the buying process. Nick Vertucci is someone who has years of experience investing in real estate. During his career, he has had a ton of success buying and selling properties. He operates a real estate academy that teaches people about investing. People who want to learn investing basics should consider working with him.

Real Estate Formulas

There are multiple formulas that real estate investors utilize to decide what properties to buy. One of the most critical aspects of becoming a successful real estate investor is learning how to estimate expenses. Some people wrongly assume that the only costs are the mortgage and property taxes in a rental home. This assumption is a terrible mistake. Many real estate investors quickly learn that rental properties must be maintained over time.

Before buying a home, an investor should estimate the income and expenses. Nick Vertucci teaches people how to evaluate financial numbers correctly. These lessons are essential for people who want to have sustained success with real estate.

Other Lessons

Another valuable lesson related to real estate investing is financing properties. Many people struggle to get approved for various loans. Nick Vertucci recommends working with a private investor for people who have bad credit. Individual investors can offer cash to investors in exchange for a reasonable interest rate.

In the coming years, Nick Vertucci plans to expand his real estate academy so he can help other people reach their financial goals. He is the type of person who is always trying to improve his processes to maximize his success. He is a great role model for people who want to have sustained financial success.

Freedom Checks For You

While working with a well-known financial expert, Matt Badiali found himself across the globe in the presence of mining and oil company CEOs. Placing himself at the forefront of his research whether it was on the drill rigs, exploring abandoned mines, or in the offices of the major oil companies, Matt relied on his first-hand experience to provide the data he used. Meeting with oilman T. Boone Pickens and presenting his findings to companies like Anadarko and Exxon Mobil led Matt to acquire some interesting information about MLPs and an investment opportunity that can change his life. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

MLPs, or Master Limited Partnerships, are the companies that, as Matt likes to call them. These 568 companies here in the United States primarily produce their revenue by the production, process and refining, transport, and storage of oil and gas here in the US.

90% of these companies income is paid out to investors either monthly or quarterly. Although they payout at least 90% to shareholders, because they are treated as a return of capital instead of income, investors do not have to pay income tax on them. As of 1987, Congress has legitimized the issues of these checks with the Statute 26-F.

Of course, there are some major investors that have cashed in like Lloyd Blankfein’s Goldman Sachs for more than 8.9 million or Hedge fund manager and presidential adviser, Robert Mercer with his 7.1 million dollar return, but I know you’re more interested in the average Joes that have taken advantage of this epic investment opportunity. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

People like 46-year-old Doug Smith of Joplin, Missouri. He is definitely ready to cash in his $24,075 Freedom Check. Lisa Luhrmann is a 57year old Tulsa Oklahoma resident over-joyed to cash $66,570 Freedom Check. Mike Reed out of Golden, Colorado is cashing his whopping $166,923 check. These are real people with real life-changing dividends headed their way. These people can expect to receive freedom checks like this every 3 months. Matt Badiali can show you how to become a recipient of life-changing “Freedom Checks” as well.

Check: http://www.metropolismag.com/uncategorized/freedom-check/

Stansberry Research provides investment advice.

Stansberry Research is an investment publishing company based in America. The firm is a privately owned entity which was founded in 1999 to conduct independent investment research. The company has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland with other branches in different states. The company’s products consist of a monthly and a bi-monthly newsletter with a variety of researched financial information. Stansberry researchers produce a constant stream of timely information on topics ranging from oil and mining, power, natural resources, healthcare and biotech. They also discuss alternative investment possibilities. The company has amerced a group of loyal subscriber in countries worldwide. The company has almost two decades of experience in the investment advisory industry.

Apart from performing his editorial duties, the founder Frank Stansberry writes opinion pieces in which he addresses critical and controversial issues that arise from the financial industry. The company prides itself on providing its subscribers with unbiased investment information that helps investors seeking an upper hand in a variety of market conditions. The company’s uncompromising and unrelenting nature has earned it the respect as the most sought-after research vehicle in the financial industry. Stansberry Research has a portfolio of over two-dozen analyst who was once hedge fund managers and buy-side financial experts.

Steve Sjuggerud wrote in Stansberry digest about the bull market situation that affects the stock exchange. He offers subscribers insight in regards to this issues of the hated bull market. He says that being an in investor in 1993, everyone in the industry wanted to get in on the newest action in the sector which was rising China. He had no idea, but the whole scheme was a melt-up of the Hong Kong stocks. The market was a happy place where young investors were making a killing. The suddenly the market started dropping at the onset of the year 1994. When reality set in finally, people realised that the late 1993-China melt up had turned into the early 1994-China meltdown. It was a lesson well learnt, melt-ups a


The Work History of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who’s worked nearly all his life. After graduating from the University of Montreal with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, he started working at General Motors. He didn’t really like the job that much, but he stayed with it in order to move up the corporate ladder.

In 1993, he left General Motors and started working at Pratt and Whitney. He didn’t really do anything special while working at Pratt, so he only stayed there until 2006. In 2006, his career started to blossom, as he took a job at United Technologies Corporation.

UTC is one of the most successful companies in the world, and people still talk to Chenevert about running that company even though he retired from UTC in 2014. In most of his interviews about UTC, people want to know who he managed to lead such a large and successful company.

For a start, the idea of UTC came from a number of sources that inspired Chenevert to put them all together. UTC wasn’t as successful as it became when Chenevert took over. Before him, the company was just another chink in the aeronautics industry. When he took over, the company began developing major products.

Chenevert had one goal: develop game-changing products and make acquisitions that would strengthen the company’s portfolio. He went above and beyond that goal, landing numerous major acquisitions and developing some of the most innovative technology the industry’s seen in years.

The number of times he was recognized for brilliance is dumbfounding. He was someone who could take something from his head and bring to life faster than anyone else. He was able to do this by putting together efficient and effective teams whose sole purpose was to exceed customers’ expectations every time.

Now that his time at United Technologies is over, he still reminisces about those days. It’s hard not to when everyone wants to talk about his career at UTC. After leaving, he started working for Goldman Sachs but that didn’t last.


Mr. Transportation Innovator, Perry Mandera — a Part of the American Generosity

Today, we have plenty of religious charity going into crusades such as low-income, medical care, help among the poor, and education. As this list advances on, the donor achievements have set up much US history about thousands of significant philanthropic events. However, let’s not forget the ways Mr. Transportation Innovator, Perry Mandera is a part of that American generosity.

Yes, America’s philanthropy has taken part in a significant portion of its human history. If anyone is familiar with the gigantic task of giving to good causes, it is Mr. Mandera. In 1975, he finished public high school in Chicago and headed straight to the Marine Corps. Truck driving was part of Mandera’s training inside the motor unit region while on duty.

The US Marine Corps gave Mandera an honorable dismissal right back into the civilian life. Nevertheless, he put that truck-driving education to good use by serving various transportation companies. Perry Mandera, 23 years old then, started off amassing much knowledge during his hauling experiences. Not before long, Perry started his transport service but eventually sold it — and became interested in politics during the late 1980s.

However, the Republican Ward Committee member also started another trucking business, 1986 of February. Now, The Custom Companies, Inc. which is based in Northlake, IL. is providing various logistic services from Custom Bonded Warehousing and International Airfreight to Distribution outlets. The remarkable aspect of The Custom Companies is its specialty for charitable causes.

Immediately, Perry Mandera could focus his goal in helping veterans, youth corporations, and children. As a community person and transport executive, he is contributing to other charitable organizations with his financial resources and hard work. Also, the philanthropist backed by The Custom Companies, Inc has given donations to tornado victims in Washington, Illinois.

In 2013 of November, an EF-4 tornado killed as many as eight people and destroyed many homes. Mandera’s service sources supplied transportation and essentials to many families living in the area (https://www.resume.com/perrymandera). This disaster was one of the several causes that made the entrepreneur proud of his company and why he firmly believes in serving the society.

New Software From Securus Technologies Is Making Headway In Illegal Cell Phone Usage

More inmates are resorting to the use of illegal cellphones to conduct questionable activities on the other side of prison bars. Case in point, 9 month old Kendarius Edwards was fatally shot while in his mothers arms. It turned out to be three inmates who were in prison. These men had a disagreement with Kendarius Edwards’s uncle and decided to send the uncle a horrible message.


Or take the story of Mr. Robert Johnson. Mr. Johnson was a corrections officer in a South Carolina penal system working to stop contraband from entering his facility. Robert stopped a valuable piece of contraband from entering the prison, costing the inmate about $50,000.00. Two weeks later, Mr. Johnson’s front door was kicked in and he and Robert struggled to live after he was shot six times in the stomach/chest area. Mr. Roberts died on the table twice before finally pulling through. Overall Mr. Johnson has had a total of 23 surgeries and lives with the pain everyday. The attempt on his life was made by an inmate in the prison he was working with an illegal cell phone. Now, Robert Johnson works with the “Wireless Containment System” (WCS) that has been developed by Securus Technologies.


The WCS works just like a cell phone network. in fact, the WCS works with other carrier networks and is undetectable by the inmate. Any phone call can be detected by the Securus operator as coming from an unauthorized cell phone within the facility. Once captured, the operator can do what they want with the trapped signal. So far Securus’ new technology has stopped 1.7 million total illegal phone calls from taking place in a total of eight facilities. President and CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has stated that the company has made a 40 million dollar investment into the research and development of the WCS and feels confident that the technology will be refined even more over time.


Securus Technologies specializes in safety and security systems in over 3500 facilities across the nation. To read more about this new product, please click here.