Stansberry Research provides investment advice.

Stansberry Research is an investment publishing company based in America. The firm is a privately owned entity which was founded in 1999 to conduct independent investment research. The company has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland with other branches in different states. The company’s products consist of a monthly and a bi-monthly newsletter with a variety of researched financial information. Stansberry researchers produce a constant stream of timely information on topics ranging from oil and mining, power, natural resources, healthcare and biotech. They also discuss alternative investment possibilities. The company has amerced a group of loyal subscriber in countries worldwide. The company has almost two decades of experience in the investment advisory industry.

Apart from performing his editorial duties, the founder Frank Stansberry writes opinion pieces in which he addresses critical and controversial issues that arise from the financial industry. The company prides itself on providing its subscribers with unbiased investment information that helps investors seeking an upper hand in a variety of market conditions. The company’s uncompromising and unrelenting nature has earned it the respect as the most sought-after research vehicle in the financial industry. Stansberry Research has a portfolio of over two-dozen analyst who was once hedge fund managers and buy-side financial experts.

Steve Sjuggerud wrote in Stansberry digest about the bull market situation that affects the stock exchange. He offers subscribers insight in regards to this issues of the hated bull market. He says that being an in investor in 1993, everyone in the industry wanted to get in on the newest action in the sector which was rising China. He had no idea, but the whole scheme was a melt-up of the Hong Kong stocks. The market was a happy place where young investors were making a killing. The suddenly the market started dropping at the onset of the year 1994. When reality set in finally, people realised that the late 1993-China melt up had turned into the early 1994-China meltdown. It was a lesson well learnt, melt-ups a


Mr. Transportation Innovator, Perry Mandera — a Part of the American Generosity

Today, we have plenty of religious charity going into crusades such as low-income, medical care, help among the poor, and education. As this list advances on, the donor achievements have set up much US history about thousands of significant philanthropic events. However, let’s not forget the ways Mr. Transportation Innovator, Perry Mandera is a part of that American generosity.

Yes, America’s philanthropy has taken part in a significant portion of its human history. If anyone is familiar with the gigantic task of giving to good causes, it is Mr. Mandera. In 1975, he finished public high school in Chicago and headed straight to the Marine Corps. Truck driving was part of Mandera’s training inside the motor unit region while on duty.

The US Marine Corps gave Mandera an honorable dismissal right back into the civilian life. Nevertheless, he put that truck-driving education to good use by serving various transportation companies. Perry Mandera, 23 years old then, started off amassing much knowledge during his hauling experiences. Not before long, Perry started his transport service but eventually sold it — and became interested in politics during the late 1980s.

However, the Republican Ward Committee member also started another trucking business, 1986 of February. Now, The Custom Companies, Inc. which is based in Northlake, IL. is providing various logistic services from Custom Bonded Warehousing and International Airfreight to Distribution outlets. The remarkable aspect of The Custom Companies is its specialty for charitable causes.

Immediately, Perry Mandera could focus his goal in helping veterans, youth corporations, and children. As a community person and transport executive, he is contributing to other charitable organizations with his financial resources and hard work. Also, the philanthropist backed by The Custom Companies, Inc has given donations to tornado victims in Washington, Illinois.

In 2013 of November, an EF-4 tornado killed as many as eight people and destroyed many homes. Mandera’s service sources supplied transportation and essentials to many families living in the area ( This disaster was one of the several causes that made the entrepreneur proud of his company and why he firmly believes in serving the society.

New Software From Securus Technologies Is Making Headway In Illegal Cell Phone Usage

More inmates are resorting to the use of illegal cellphones to conduct questionable activities on the other side of prison bars. Case in point, 9 month old Kendarius Edwards was fatally shot while in his mothers arms. It turned out to be three inmates who were in prison. These men had a disagreement with Kendarius Edwards’s uncle and decided to send the uncle a horrible message.


Or take the story of Mr. Robert Johnson. Mr. Johnson was a corrections officer in a South Carolina penal system working to stop contraband from entering his facility. Robert stopped a valuable piece of contraband from entering the prison, costing the inmate about $50,000.00. Two weeks later, Mr. Johnson’s front door was kicked in and he and Robert struggled to live after he was shot six times in the stomach/chest area. Mr. Roberts died on the table twice before finally pulling through. Overall Mr. Johnson has had a total of 23 surgeries and lives with the pain everyday. The attempt on his life was made by an inmate in the prison he was working with an illegal cell phone. Now, Robert Johnson works with the “Wireless Containment System” (WCS) that has been developed by Securus Technologies.


The WCS works just like a cell phone network. in fact, the WCS works with other carrier networks and is undetectable by the inmate. Any phone call can be detected by the Securus operator as coming from an unauthorized cell phone within the facility. Once captured, the operator can do what they want with the trapped signal. So far Securus’ new technology has stopped 1.7 million total illegal phone calls from taking place in a total of eight facilities. President and CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has stated that the company has made a 40 million dollar investment into the research and development of the WCS and feels confident that the technology will be refined even more over time.


Securus Technologies specializes in safety and security systems in over 3500 facilities across the nation. To read more about this new product, please click here.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Passes The Torch Of Bradesco

Changes in Brandesco’s Bank with the recent retirement of the former president. Luiz Carlos Trabucco has been serving the bank for 25 years now. He took over the role of president of the bank. His leadership has led the bank to success during the time that he has served there.

Cappi has been the director of Bradesco Bank since 2009. He came from the Fundação Escola de Sociologia e Política in São Paulo, Brazil. He received his degree in Social Psychology there. Before that, he served in many other prestigious positions in leadership in financial institutions. This leadership has been the success in his career. It takes a special person to be a leader in the industry. Solid financial decisions have led Bradesco to its current position in the financial world market today according to

Read more: Novo presidente do Bradesco substituirá Luiz Trabuco dia 12 de março

Bradesco has always used a traditional approach to pick their own leaders. They used a board of chairmen to make that decision. They also decided to elect his permanent predecessor. Trabuco’s role as Bradesco’s president was one that was temporary to cover until the choice was made. The transition was seamless.

Now a private bank, after the hard work of Trabuco, the bank handles the best of the country these days. That’s a challenge in Brazil’s current climate where investments are failing more often than most financial institutions can endure. In this situation, the strict lending policies of the bank will help the bank to remain strong. The bank runs itself as a small bank. It makes certain that it knows the lenders before any loan is ever approved.

Any good bank knows that the investments that are made in the bank are the steps to profits. There is no sense in making bad loans. Some analysts have asked about Bradesco’s future, wondering if it can be so picky in who places their investments there. The truth is in the very thing the analysts are questioning. The bank will succeed because it won’t have people defaulting on loans.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:

Sahm Adrangi Reveals Useful Information on Stocks and Shares

CSRA is a company that provides technical information on health care and public health, and national security to various government entities. Recently the company disclosed that CACI International gave them an unsought offer. The proposal indicated that CACI International wishes to purchase all the remaining shares that CSRA has on its common stock in exchange for CACI common shares of stock and cash. The CACI common shares of stock will be determined on a set exchange proportion of 0.184 per share on common stock of CACI per individual shares of CSRA common shares stock plus cash that is equivalent for $15.00 per stake. The total value of stock and cash is at par to around $44.00/share, which is calculated on CACI’s closing value at $157.45 last March 16, 2018.

It has been announced beforehand on the 12th of February 2018, that due to the uncontested approval of the board of directors of the company, CSRA made a plan of agreement with General Dynamics where a company owned by General Dynamics decided to purchase all the remaining common stock of CSRA in cash at $40.75/share. The offer made is due to end by 11:59 in the evening by 2nd April, New York time, except if it is terminated at an earlier time or extended to a later time or date as specified in the merger contract.

For the time being, CSRA stands by the Merger arrangement made with General Dynamics, and its Directors of the Board did not make an endorsement to CSRA shareholders to give up their common CSRA stock shares in accordance with the proposal made by CACI.

The Chief Investment Officer and creator of Kerrisdale Capital Management is Sahm Adrangi, who has played a significant role in its progress and development ever since 2009. To date, the company has a portfolio of $150 million in contrast to its starting capital of lower than $1 million.

Mr. Sahm Adrangi became famous for publishing researchers such as the article above. On his videos about stocks, Sahm Adrangi relates his company’s opinions on stock options that are often misinterpreted by the general public.

Sahm Adrangi’s researchers aim to right a wide range of misinterpretations of companies’ primary prospective ventures regarding stock shares.

Bob Reina- CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion Elaborates about His Journey to Success

Necessity always leads to innovation. Bob Reina is the Founder of Talk Fusion. He also serves as the chief executive officer of the company. Talk Fusion is a company that deals with video marketing. However, as successful as Talk Fusion is, behind every successful man is a story to tell. During an interview with inspirery, Bob Reina opens up about his journey to success.


Background Check


Bob Reina started out as a policeman. He served as a policeman for over ten years. As an ambitious individual, he always had the dream of indulging in another line of work that would suit him better. Luckily, one day while directing traffic, he was introduced to network marketing by a particular gentleman. Although various challenges were involved in the network marketing industry, Bob Reina was able to reap the benefits that arose from the network marketing industry.


Talk Fusion Comes to Life


In 2004, Bob Reina was traveling and his current whereabouts at that time could be traced all the way to North Carolina. While in North Carolina, he made an attempt to send a short video clip to his family through email. Unfortunately, AOL said that the task couldn’t be executed. There and then, Bob Reina identified that a form of necessity had presented itself. With the help of Dr. Jonathan Chen, they were able to launch Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion served as a video marketing platform. Since Bob Reina had a background in marketing thanks to indulging in network marketing, he was able to market the Talk Fusion platform through direct selling models.


Additional Information


Bob Reina is famously known for being the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. His journey to success didn’t come easily. As successful as he is right now, he always says, “With great success comes great responsibility.” Bob is well known for leading by example. Every now and then, he gives back to the society by engaging in philanthropy. Among the philanthropic acts that Bob Reina has ever taken part in are such as; donating towards the fundraiser that was aimed at helping the victims who succumbed to the destruction caused by the tsunami in Japan as well as the victims of the Nepal earthquake. The various philanthropic activities showcase Bob Reina’s willingness to always be there for the less fortunate at their greatest times of need.




Bob Reina has always been of service to the society. As a policeman, he was tasked with serving the people. Even after launching Talk Fusion which has emerged as a successful brand, Bob Reina is still diligently helping people. By engaging in philanthropic activities, he gives back to the society and the less fortunate in the society benefit from his good deeds. Learn more:




The Mind Is A Fascinating Thing: Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll has always been fascinated in how things began. In school, he really liked astronomy and the world of science. One thing Jorge Moll really wanted to explore when he became an adult was to see how the brain functions under certain situations. He wants to see which parts of the brain work when a person is given a set of questions. Now he is the director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education and can do just that. In an interview with Bennett Helm, Jorge Moll talked in depth about the early experiments he did and what kind of technology he was able to use at the time.

In the 1990’s Jorge Moll was just beginning in his work on the brain and the processes that the brain uses to make decisions. His experiments started with an MRI which means magnetic resonance imaging) and taking pictures of the most active parts of the brain. He eventually moved on and got a chance to work with a fMRI. The F stands for functional.

When Jorge Moll got a chance to use this new technology it opened a whole new world of research for him. With the help of the new machine, he could ask a participant to do something as simple as tap his or her finger and the brain would react in a certain way. Doing tasks like this is fascinating to Jorge Moll and he was able to further his research on the brain.

One particular project that he found exciting was placing people in the machine and presenting them with a moral dilemma ( When the participant thought about the dilemma and made a decision he found that a certain area of the front part of the brain would be active depending on the decision that was made. Jorge Moll has also found over the years that emotional responses trigger a different part of the brain altogether. These projects help Jorge Moll and his staff to figure out which parts of the brain are activated when certain triggers are put into effect. That is why he does what he does.


Designing For Retail With Academy of Art University

While some of the students of the fashion major at Academy of Art University have learned a lot about the outlandish designs that they see at the runway and how to come up with these designs, there are some who probably prefer to make clothes for the retail environment. Some people may want to learn how to make everyday clothing that is sold in stores. Fortunately, Academy of Art University has a lot of classes on how to design clothing that is ready to wear. They can also teach people how to come up with designs that are unique enough to attract sales.

Academy of Art University is one of the largest art schools in the world. There are tons of different classes that people can take with fashion. At the same time, people can even go beyond fashion in order to find something that they want to pursue. There are classes that deal with the entertainment industry. For instance, there are classes on writing, photography, cinematography, sound design and plenty of other related classes. There are even classes that help people learn how to design for some of the large feature films in the industry. For one thing, people are often going to dress differently in film or television than in their daily lives.

One of the best things about Academy of Art University when it comes to fashion is that it helps people find the freedom to design the types of clothes that they want. While there are ready to wear and Haute couture designs. One can come up with a style that blends the two forms of fashion together. This will bring about something that is very elegant and yet accessible to people. While everyone is involved with fashion in some form, the artistic minded when it comes to outfits would welcome anything new being brought to the table.



Ian King Reveals How The Financial Crisis Helped Him Predict The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

Today, Ian King is considered an expert in the area of cryptocurrency. In fact, that’s the sole reason Banyan Hill Publishing recruited him to write for them. Of course, Ian’s career had another focus early on with his first position at the mortgage company Salomon Brothers. King moved on to work in the Citigroup credit department a few years later and followed that up by taking a position as a hedge fund manager at Peahi Capital. That career path was derailed, when the financial crisis hit and Ian recognized a bold new investment opportunity on the horizon. Read more at Talk Markets.

Ian King Predicted the Birth of Cryptocurrency

After the financial crisis hit, forcing the Federal Reserve to drop interest rates down to zero, Ian says he knew then that things were changing. While he didn’t specifically anticipate the cryptocurrency craze, he did expect some form of digital money to rise from the ruins. Even in 2012, Ian King recalls seeing early precursors to today’s cryptocurrency.

He recalls meeting with the head of a start-up in Silicon Valley that wanted to create a form of digital money that central banks would back and distribute. Since the value of this e-currency was determined by the bank issuing it, it still wasn’t on the same level as today’s cryptocurrency market, but it began the ball rolling. Ian says he could see the potential, offering a financial product that could eliminate the red tape and time involved in dealing with traditional money. Follow Ian King at

Cryptocurrency Will Change the Face of Investing

As cryptocurrency evolved and gained in popularity, Ian King says its use has also begun to change. While it’s still used as a form of digital money, he says there’s a trend to view it as more of a maturing asset than a firm of currency. He predicts that people will begin investing in cryptocurrency, just as they would buy rare coins or invest in precious metals.

Additionally, new entrepreneurs are entering the market every day, seeking to capitalize on the cryptocurrency craze. Even those who have already made millions on cryptocurrency are reinvesting their money and driving the market forward. King suggests we’re just beginning to see wealth dispersed among a broader group of investors, as more and more people are drawn to the cryptocurrency market. While some may fear this is leading to a bursting of the cryptocurrency bubble, Ian King sees something more promising. He suggests cryptocurrency is a growing opportunity for young entrepreneurs and seasoned investors to cash in on a promising new technology.


Daniel Taub – The Great Ambassador

Iran has a debatable nuclear program which it maintains notwithstanding the Geneva Deal. The deal was meant to support peace inside the tumultuous vicinity of the middle east but it seems that tensions will not be letting up anytime quickly. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub has presented his professional opinion that Iran continues their plans to preserve their nuclear facilities, equipment, and software. Iran currently has nuclear sites at more than one location.

They are located throughout Tehran, Natanz, Isfahan, Qom, Arak, Bonab, and Ramsar. With so many nuclear facilities, they’ve taken into consideration the world does not wish for them to have a nuclear arsenal, yet they ignore standard conventions.

They pose a huge danger to global peace. Nuclear provocation from any nation might result in the mutual destruction of every nation in the event of retaliation or escalation.

Daniel Taub is speaking out for Israel in hopes that nations everywhere may be capable of making peace. He believes that the proper route of action is creating alliances with nations that we might have not previously taken into consideration.

The allegiances might be beneficial to all people and the peace talks might set the precedent for peace inside the international sphere.

There are countries that agree with the Geneva Deal and that is the first step to attaining a more secure middle east and a more secure world.

But, there are those who disagree and say the deal does not take sufficient steps to prevent Iran from furthering their nuclear operations. Israel has maintained a superb relationship with the United Kingdom and the west.

They dispatched safety professionals to Washington for talks and the outcome was deemed an international success. They do not accept it as true that the latest agreements will gradually bring down or forestall Iran’s development into a nuclear power. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

The primary problem with the Geneva Deal is the data that factors into Iran’s nuclear approach has been left intact. The centrifuges have not begun to be taken apart and the application for nuclear energy remains intact.

Even the heavy water reactor stays. The world needs to respond and Daniel Taub believes we will begin developing peaceful alliances with each other in due time.