Equities First Holdings Does Well in Australia

Equities First Holdings expanded to Australia in 2014 after purchasing the company Meridian Equity Partners Pty Limited and changing the name to Equities First Holdings, LLC on September 5, 2014, is when they changed the name. Equities First Holdings was founded by Al Christy who accredited his companies service for reason of their success in finance and global expansion. Before reaching Australia, Equities First Holdings was already in six other countries including Hong Kong and Thailand. Currently in Australia, Equities First Holdings, has three main offices and these offices are located in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. The Melbourne location has been in the news lately due to their big move. The move comes only two years since the company has been in Australia and the reason for the move is expansion. The Melbourne simple needs more space because they have a growing clientele and employee base. Another reason for the additional space is to prepare for more expansion.

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OSI Group Is Expanding Into Many Parts Of Europe

Ever since the development of the European Union in the last decades, it has become increasingly easy to do business in Europe. Many European nations have opened their markets to foreign investors. They have allowed companies to do business here. They have also allowed companies to invest in existing European countries. One company that has taken full advantage of the further opening of the European marketplace is OSI Group. This Aurora, IL group has come to realize the possibilities that European markets offer to their business. CEO and President David. G. McDonald is well aware that the European markets offer vast potential. He and his team of high educated staffers have looked closely at all areas of the market here in Europe. Industry observers in the retail food industry are not surprised that officials at OSI Group have consequently decided to invest in several new ventures in Europe. As barriers have fallen in the nations of the European Union, travel between nations has also become easier. This means an even more mobile population. The OSI Group provides food for people on the go. They offer items like sausage rolls, pizza and salad for large industry giants like Subway and McDonald’s. As those companies have expanded into the European market, the company is right behind them to help supply the processed items they need to feed their customers.

Expanding in Poland

One region that officials at the company have decided to use for their expansion efforts is Poland and Eastern Europe. Home to a well educated population, this part of the world also offers a group of workers that can relied on to follow instructions and easily adhere to all required safety standards. In light of this fact, those at the company have located a beef processing plant in Poland. The processing plant provides an even easier means for company officials to deliver high quality items to residents of the European Union. Poland has many transport networks that connect it to places such as Germany and France where demand for quality foods is high. This also makes it easier for officials at the company to expand into other parts of Europe such as the United Kingdom. Employees and the leaders of the company are hopeful they can keep up with increasing demand in the area. The new plant in Poland should help with this aim at present and in the long-term.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Use Supportive Therapies

Cancer Treatment Centers of America treat their patients using integrative care which is a two-layered process that uses conventional techniques to treat cancer and to improve their quality of life. When a patient receives their diagnosis, the news is devastating as they contemplate an unknown future.

The CTCA uses conventional treatments alongside supporting therapies to ease their patients symptoms during their treatment. One of the most common treatments people are familiar with is chemotherapy which uses anti-cancer drugs to slow or stop cancer cells from growing. Chemotherapy can be delivered by liquid, pill, a cream applied to the skin, an injection, IV infusion into a vein, or a device that is placed underneath the scalp. It’s used to treat a large number of cancer types and may be used as a primary treatment.

There are physical and emotional side effects to deal with too when patients are receiving treatment for their disease. Depression is a common one and a natural response a patient will have when they first receive their diagnosis. They may feel a sense of loss and despair and the feelings can linger which can impact their desire to participate in treatment. Patients who suffer from depression may find it difficult to focus on their recovery and their quality of life may start to decline.

This is why it’s so important for the CTCA to focus on their patients physical and mental well-being. They provide spiritual support through a variety of services to encourage their patients to look towards the future. Emotional and spiritual support can play a big part in how rapidly a patient can improve and is a large factor towards recovery or a better quality of life. Emotional and mental behavioral factors have also been known to directly impact a patient’s health. His facebook page

Talk Fusion Surpasses Competition With WebRTC Technology

Lately, Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO, of Talk Fusion announced new improvements to the company’s Live Meetings product. Live Meetings is a video conferencing application. The product was well accepted previously, but in keeping with the innovative culture at Talk Fusion, the company has joined WebRTC technology to the software. What this means is that the video conferencing package can be accessed instantly without the need of a plugin of any sort. Furthermore, the new technology will provide the following benefits as well:


  • Enhanced security
  • Better video
  • Clearer sound


In the process of adding WebRTC, Talk Fusion also took the time to redesign the interface. It is now easier to use even for first-time visitors. All of these improvements have yielded a user-friendly and accessible medium for anyone attending a Live Meetings video conference from now on.


Bob Reina has proclaimed that Talk Fusion has outdone its competitors with this upgrade. He added that no other video conferencing software allows up to 15 presenters to address an audience of up to 500 people with the efficiency of the new Live Meetings software. Reina also re-affirmed the company’s commitment to continue adding WebRTC technology to all of its video software applications.


When Bob Reina started Talk Fusion back in 2007, it was through the power of innovation that he did so. Mr. Reina has a background in law enforcement, not technology. Although he has always been pretty smart, for instance, he graduated first in his class from the Tampa Bay Police Academy and completed a degree in criminology at the University of South Florida. When he faced a technical issue, he knew to consult another smart person, his friend Johnathan Chen, a technology wizard. The challenge was to place a video into an email. AOL, Mr. Reina’s internet provider, told him that it was not possible. Mr. Chen made it happen. Imagining the potential of this new advancement, Mr. Reina called it Video Email and built a business around it. Thus Talk Fusion was born.


Today the company has thousands of independent marketers in 140 different countries all over the world. Bob Reina chose a network marketing approach for Talk Fusion, because of the success he had with it as a side business during his days as a police officer. He understands how rewarding network marketing can be for those who are willing to work hard at it as he did. In June 2017 the company launched Talk Fusion University. Its mission is to train the company’s marketers to be successful. Such dual commitment to the products and the people who sell them can only mean more substantial success to come for CEO Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. Learn more: http://yourmarkontheworld.com/talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-mission-change-lives/





George Soros Helping Eliminate Racial Disparity In The Society Through Extensive Philanthropic Measures

George Soros is a man with a golden heart, and he has proven it time and again by giving to the deprived and helping the marginalized communities across the globe. He has been involved in the global politics indirectly for a long time, especially the political spectrum of United States. George Soros has been open about his support to the Democratic Party and is often seen funding the election campaigns of the Democrats.

George Soros believes that it is essential for the people to see the benefits that democracy provides and to move towards it rather than getting tangled in  capitalist ideology, which he believes has been taking over the world in the past few years. He says that totalitarianism is increasing, and examples of it can be seen in many different parts of the world today. George Soros sees it as a threat to humankind, and that is why he goes out of his way to support the organizations that back democratic ideals.

George Soros is not only known for his involvement in politics and how he pulls different strings in the political sphere to help put democracy first, but he is also a reputed philanthropist. The lifetime giving of George Soros is approximately over $12 Billion, which makes him one of the topmost philanthropists in the world today. He started his investment firm named Soros Management in 1973 and worked hard to make it a success that it is today. It has helped him earn massive fortune that George Soros believes is the single most significant factor that gives him the freedom to support the ideology he believes in and global political movements he feels for.

After he completed his studies in London, George Soros moved to the United States as he wanted to pursue his career in the field of finance. Even though he finished his graduation and post-grads in philosophy, George wanted to be a part of finance industry. It the determination that finally landed him a job in the merchant bank, and through his hard work and perseverance, he rose to the post of Vice President and then an Investment Fund Manager in a few years.

In the last Presidential Elections in the United States, George Soros supported Hillary Clinton for Presidency. It is because the thought process and the policies of Hillary Clinton coincided with that of George Soros, and it was opposite the case with the current President Donald Trump. George Soros believes that the society needs to be fair and equal and that the government should help the marginalized communities and there should be measures put in place to rehabilitate and develop them. George Soros says that the current administration is widening the gap between the people rather than building bridges and minorities are feeling outcast in their home country where they have lived for many decades. George Soros is not discouraged by the set back he received by the win of President Donald Trump, but continues to back the Democrats and widening his philanthropic network through his foundation, Open Society Foundation.

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