Financial And Investment Advice by Igor Cornelsen

Everybody longs for a circumstance whereby they will make a speculation and gain millions from it, resign early and offer back to the group on The pitiful the truth is that under 5 percent of the number of inhabitants on the planet holds more than 95 percent of their riches. This obviously demonstrates more individuals need to take in the correct practices that prompt achievement when contributing on LinkedIn. One individual that appears to have made sense of it is Igor Cornelsen. He is a Brazilian financial specialist and the present leader of an organization known as Bridge Investments.

Igor Cornelsen began his residency with the organization five years back. When he was going along with, he expresses that he felt a profound need to help individuals that expected to comprehend the universe of speculation yet had no clue where or how to begin. The possibility that he had as a top priority was tutoring these individuals and giving them the counsel that would enable them to quit making speculation goofs and influence a win to out of their business wanders at


Igor Cornelsen trusts that the mystery behind his prosperity was discovering that Brazil had a considerable measure of undiscovered potential with regards to financial matters. He understood that Brazil would be a monetary powerhouse. Surely Brazil has moved toward becoming among the best five monetary mammoths on the planet. The speculation vehicles that he took have truly helped him achieve the achievement that he has. His speculation s were in the stock exchange and they did truly well, empowering him to resign early.

Mr. Cornelsen advises new financial specialists to dependably take mind when moving toward New Markets. When entering another new places, knowing the laws and legitimate traditions enables a man to manage their promoting and different measures that acquire the cash.

The organization that he heads is situated in the Bahamas. His family then again is in Florida. So as to organize the exercises of his organization, he needs to make a considerable measure of outings between the US, Bahamas and Brazil consistently. Amid the circumstances when he is not occupied at work, he unwinds by playing golf. He is a genuine motivation to numerous.

Roberto Santiago

Robert Santiago made it to the top from a very humble background. He had gone through many struggles by the time he started writing his blog posts, but he had overcome them all. Roberto felt that he could use his experience to encourage other people and give them tips on how to make it through the problems. Roberto’s blog post made him very successful and he decided to invest more in other types of businesses. He desired to have a large piece of land on which he would run a business. However, he lacked the business knowledge and resources required. Consequently, he first decided to join the college and university where he majored in Business Administration.

When Roberto was in college, he learned that he could start a small business and use the savings from there to start a larger business. Consequently, he first started with the Café Santa Rosa, which served healthy meals to the people in Brazil. Roberto saved all the money that he fetched from the business and used it to open a cartonnage company. The cartonnage firm dealt with cardboard, plastics, and other products’ manufacture and it was highly successful. Roberto said that the business was very successful and the high profits were saved and used to buy the land on which the Maniara Shopping Mall in Brazil stands. Within two years of buying the land, Santiago built and launched the mall to all the Brazilians and tourists. The venture is very successful and it has made Roberto a billionaire within a short span of time. Maniara is rated as the most modern and advanced mall in Brazil.

Background information

Before he ventured into all these businesses, Roberto engaged in writing children literature that was used highly among the Brazilian schools. Statistics show that these books still fall among the children’s favorite in the country. Later, Roberto engaged in script writing and play directing in the Brazilian theaters. In his leisure time, he also engaged in motorsports and bawling, and he is still actively involved in these activities. Moreover, he has won several awards in motorsports for his consistency and dedication to the game.

Core values

  1. Hard work and determination: Roberto says that he gives his all in any venture that he engages in. The above explains why he has risen to the top within a short time.
  2. Discipline: Roberto is very disciplined in resource management. His most important resources are time and money, which he uses well because once lost he says they cannot be recovered. His money saving discipline helped him save enough money to purchase the Maniara Mall
  3. Strategy: Roberto says that one must strategize carefully on how to achieve their vision. He strategizes effectively to make it in his endeavors.


How Eric Pulier Manages His Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Roles

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur and one of the most admired chief executive officer in the software and technology industry. He has worked so hard in his entire life to try and make impact in the world.

After his graduation in high school in 1984, Eric went on to his studies at Harvard University. In Harvard, Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and the American Literature. From Harvard, he joined the corporate world. Since then, he has focused his time and wealth try and help the disadvantaged in the society. These include the children and people suffering from terminal illness. He has focused his attention in technological advancements, and he is at the forefront of the industry.

While a student at Harvard, Pulier regularly wrote a regular content for the Harvard Crimson. He focused on different subjects with intent to create humor and insight. Eric Pulier later moved to Los Angeles. Here he founded an organization-People Doing Things- which focused its attention on offering innovations, inventions and technological advancements for the health and education sector in nation.

In 1994, Pulier formed the Digital Evolution, which acted as a Digital Evolution. In 1998, he was appointed by the presidential inaugural committee to finish the presidential technology exhibit. The show was called the “The Bridge to the Twenty-first Century,” the exhibit was displayed in Washington DC. For more info about us: click here.

Since then, Pulier has made a mark in the world of technology. He has founded, co-founded and funded over 15 companies in the technological field. From these companies, he has been able to mint a lot of money regarding profits and earnings. He is a frequent speaker who appears regularly on various public lectures. He also takes part in technological conferences. He is the current executive director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. He has also rendered his services at the Clinton Global Initiative project.

Throughout his entire career, Pulier has shown that he cares for the less fortunate. He is involved in various philanthropic activities. The most known being the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The community participates in creating and funding an educational program for the people with Sclerosis.

Honey Birdette Expands Their Market Share

The sensual lingerie company Honey Birdette, recently announced plans to open forty new stores in the United Kingdom. Based in Australia, the company originated in 2005 by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan.  Executives predict this new expansion in the UK will be complete by 2018.

Over the past year, Honey Birdette experienced a 400 percent increase in online orders from the United States.  As a successful marketer of beautiful lingerie; Honey Birdette knew establishing a new e-commerce site based in the United States was a top priority. In the last few months the top-selling lingerie company created the US website. The new website has several features benefiting customers in the United States.  The new site  promises free shipping on any order over fifty-dollars.  Customers receive free expedited shipping on all orders over one-hundred dollars.  Shoppers will no longer need a currency converter, the new website  prices are in US dollars.  Receiving new collections each week; the United States e-commerce site is  similar to the e-commerce sites in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Honey Birdette has plans to open several retail stores in the United States. They also announced plans to open several new stores in the United Kingdom. The store in London’s Covent, was the first to open outside of Australia. They are expanding at an impressive pace. Honey Birdette is planning on opening forty new stores in the United Kingdom by the end of next year. In the future, Honey Birdette plans on adding retail stores in other countries throughout Europe. The impressive lingerie company is dedicated to expanding their market share throughout the United States and Europe.

NuoDB SQL Database

NuoDB can be simply described as an “SQL-oriented transactional
database management (DBMS) system.” It is designed for use in cloud
computing services.
NuoDB SQL database architecture is described as having a three tier
architecture. The three tiers are administrative level, transactional
level, and the storage level. The transactional and the storage levels
are the most crucial in creating a large scale system that is
relational. Transactional layer caters for consistency, atomicity,
and isolation in the system. It does not cater for sustainability. It
is, therefore, run at a memory level so that in case a there is a
failure in the system, there will be no data lost. The memory level is
the consistent part of this SQL database system. It allows access to
data at all times, when there is an error in the system or when the
transactional memory is down. This SQL database multi-layered
approach means NuoDB system can work with linking the application and
its data, which is usually a challenge with cloud computing.
NuoDB system SQL database divides data into objects known as “atoms.”
It has the ability to produce multiple data in real-time, which is a
rare characteristic to find in other systems. This element eliminates
the burden of collecting data from IT support teams. NuoDB supports
multiple simultaneous access control (mvcc) which allows reveals cases
of data blockage or data conflict.

Achievements of Avaaz

Avaaz has over the past years played a huge role in improving the way of life of many individuals. Through their advocation for human rights and many other issues, the organization has helped to ensure that the various unfair problems that happen in people`s daily lives are well addressed. Many people have acquired justice through the support of Avaaz who tirelessly fight towards ensuring that the voices of those considered inferior are heard and processed. The organization puts a lot of attention to the national leaders with the aim of identifying their morals and attitudes towards the social injustices that happen almost daily in each country. They also seek to learn whether the leaders elected by people perform according to their promises as well as their people`s expectations.

In addition to that, the organization has achieved most of its set goals in its operation for the past ten years. Through its exclusive actions, Avaaz has brought many people together and as a result strengthened the bonds between different individuals in the various parts of the continent. The strong relationships that Avaaz has created have helped to ensure that no one suffers under the cruel hands of heartless people who are under authority. The unity that the firm brings to people is one major way through which they have empowered them and motivated them to work together towards receiving justice.

Avaaz is a great inspiration to many people, and many individuals, particularly those who have benefited from their services have enjoyed the chance of receiving their justice and gained a significant commitment towards working together with the organization to deliver the best to everyone. Besides, the team has enabled people gained a relative control on their leaders and guided them towards understanding that they have an impact on the leaders regardless of their social class and place of belonging.

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Richard Blair Gives People Great Advice for Investing

Richard Blair knows how to help anyone that is trying to maximize their financial portfolio. He has a ton of experience, and he is using the experience that he has to help those people that want to engage in better financial planning. There certainly are a lot of people that utilize the resources of the Internet and they have a desire to do it on their own. This is fine for some people, but a lot of people that lived in Texas that will discover that Richard Blair may be of better assistance. He can save financial planners so much time because this is what he does for a living. Learn more:


Anyone that is trying to save and invest for a college education for their children or a retirement plan can benefit from what Richard Blair is saying. He has a wealth of experience and a degree in finance that makes him a great resource for investors. People will also notice that he has a great amount of experience that comes from his connection to a world of certification. He is certified in estate planning and financial planning. He has a wealth of knowledge in different areas of investing as well.


He is an all-around financial guru when it comes to making the best of your funds that you are saving. Many people will save money religiously, but they will be scared to make investments. The money that they have socked away will not earn the retirement requirement returns on investment that they need if they do not consult professionals ( Sometimes it is better to diversify and branch out with the help of a financial consultant such as Richard Blair.


He can give people a better idea of what it takes to build a retirement plan and build a much better financial future. Some people may not have the knowledge to know where do they need to put their money in annuities or stocks, but an investment consultant like Richard Blair can help people determine which route will be best. It is all about the level of comfort that investors have when they are building a portfolio. Everyone is not going to invest the same, but Richard Blair make sure that investors all know about the same number options that are available. There are more choices when they talk to someone like Richard Blair. People can see their financial future clearer. Learn more:


The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is putting into operation a new retreatment regimen for Cancer. The new treatment program called The Clinical Pathways program is predicted to be a big boost to the treatment of Cancer.

This is because this treatment will allow the physician to continue with his/her workflow without disrupting the course of treatment. According to the Chief Medical Officer of Cancer Treatment Centers of America Southeastern Regional Medical Center, George Danekar Jr. MD revealed that the new regimen reduces the risk of possible guessing by a clinician who may be overwhelmed by emerging cancer data and research. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has also authenticated Clinical Pathways. The cancer body came up with treatment options for cancer patients to select from to safeguard their safety and efficiency.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America came up with the treatment regimen after collaborating with Allscripts and NantHealth. It essentially means that evil which is a NantHealth product will access clinical workflows in Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record (EHR). Numerous American oncologists came together to come up with NantOS which is the clinical operating system. The interface has an all inclusive compilation of emerging care data for cancer.

The Clinical Pathways program was created by putting the patient first. It has included all the latest research in cancer. In addition to this, it also includes complementary therapies and treatment regimens.

About Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is dedicated to fighting cancer in America. The treatment center uses an integrated method to deal with cancer. Some of the approaches that the non-profit network employs include radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. However, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America also uses various therapies to manage their side effects of cancer and some of the treatments. Cancer Treatment Centers of America operates five hospitals. The headquarters of the establishment is in Boca Raton, Florida. Richard J Stephenson started the establishment. This is after his mother died in the hands of cancer without getting adequate treatment options.

George Soros Spurs the Election

According to a recent article released by Politico, billionaire George Soros, who amassed his significant wealth in the business of currency trades, has gotten firmly back into the political arena, reigniting what had, for a time, been an uncharacteristically quiet hiatus. In 2004, in what would become one of the highest single efforts in history in terms of campaign backing, George Soros spent an estimated $27 million in efforts to defeat George Bush. It seems as if Mr. Soros has done it again. According to the Federal Election Commission records, in support of Hilliary Clinton, and other Democratic candidates, Mr. Soros donated an estimated $25 million. Today his fortune is believed to be in the neighborhood of $25 billion. Follow George Soros on

As Hilliary Clinton was set to accept the Democratic nomination, it was said that Mr. Soros would be attending his very first Democratic Convention, in support of Clinton, with whom he has a 25-year relationship. This trip was canceled at the last minute, as the 85-year-old Soros felt the economic situation in Europe needed his attention. As Mr. Soros has recently returned to active trading, this seems understandable. Despite this last minute change of heart, those closest to Mr. Soros seem to insist that he is more politically involved now than he has been in many years. He has openly expressed his opposition to Donald Trump, and many believe that this could be the reason he has intensified his political efforts recently. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

Michael Vachon, Mr. Soros’ political advisor, recently went on record to remind the public that many of the issues that are nearest to George Soros’ heart are opposed by the Republican Party, and with Donald Trump at the helm, the stakes are extremely high. Mr. Soros isn’t the only wealthy activist lending a hand in response to Mr. Soro’s efforts. Don Sussman, Tom Steyer, Haim Saban, and Fred Eychaner, each titan in their respective fields, have all followed suit and donated significantly to the cause. The support of Hilliary Clinton’s wealthy backers has, in the estimation of some, given her a significant financial advantage over Donald Trump. Throughout the electoral process, George Soros has not been timid about his position regarding each of the Presidential candidates, and his process of political spending this year has even drawn comparisons to his efforts in the 2004 election, where he likened the Bush Administration to the Nazis.

NuoDB the Cloud Database of Today

It is no secret that technology changes based on on new developments within the field. As a matter of fact, cloud database is something that is being improved upon and one of the players in this field is NuoDB. With the introduction of cloud computing, it has given many companies the flexibility to scale out their environments.

This is exactly what NuoDB aims to provide, an elastic, scalable, SQL cloud database environment that provides continuous availability should something happen such as a server or data center failure. Having data available during an outage is something that can be a relief to companies during disaster recovery. In addition, to having data available continuously, this database also provides data durability as well.

So what makes NuoDB different? For one this cloud database is often referred to as the “New SQL”, which basically means that it is designed to be more robust for a cloud environment by building upon the traditional uses of SQL. Another thing is that this database uses a multi-tier approach by using multiple transaction engines as well as storage managers, which helps with scalability.

This is why NuoDB is the cloud database that is worth taking a look at.

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