Kenneth Goodgame’s Management Expertise

Ken Goodgame is a top executive official who has served senior managerial positions in numerous business enterprises. In every position he served, he used smart marketing strategies that saw the companies improve in customer count, sales, and profits.

His extensive experience in merchandising and management has made him develop business skills such as financial oversight, designing marketing strategies, employee administration, and productivity enhancements.

In 2013- 2015, he served as the Senior Vice President and Chief merchandising officer of True Value Hardware Corporation based in Chicago. During his tenure at the company, he devised an advertisement program that improved True Value’s customer reach and a resultant increase in sales. Furthermore, he built a high energy merchandising team thereby increasing the company’s savings by a margin of 8%. Other productivity enhancements he achieved in the business include improving retail price perception and expansion of the company’s stores.

In 2010-2013, Goodgame was the General merchandising manager of Ace Hardware Corporation, a company based in Oak Brook. He kept the company financially sound throughout the post-economic crisis period in America’s economy.

To improve the company’s operations during the downturn, Kenneth Goodgame made a strategic plan that improved the firm’s annual growth in sales by 4.5%. Additionally, Ace Hardware grew their wholesale sales by $15M from the previous $35M.

He also helped Ace Hardware to increase their store openings by 300%. The new stores increased the company’s sales making a revenue growth of $150M. To keep the stores financially stable, he launched a program known as New Store Allowance Program that was used to remodel the stores to achieve modern standards. The new stores were highly competitive since they offered services according to the unique needs of their clients and local demographics.

For the first time in a period of 25 years, the firm improvised an innovative structure that modernized its private label branding. For this reason, private label sales grew by a margin of 14%. Goodgame also designed a merchandising facility with customer review sections and customer support areas. It is prudent to say that it was Mr. Goodgame’s managerial expertise that made Ace Hardware profitable during the post-crisis economy.

Raj Fernando Looking Ahead

In 2002 entrepreneur Raj Fernando opened Chopper Trading, and before he sold the company in 2015 he had grown the company to over 250 employees and it was traded on the major markets. Raj Fernando came from a background that included over ten years of expertise at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. Due to his extensive experience and unique skillset Fernando was uniquely placed to lead the new trading company. After the lucrative sale of Chopper Trading he launched the successful Internet startup, Scoutahead. As the CEO and Chairman of Scoutahead Fernando offers advanced communication systems that companies can use to increase their productivity and growth.

Beyond his business interests, Fernando is an avid philanthropist, and his efforts range from serving on the board of trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, to the board of directors for a no-kill animal shelter.

Raj Fernando is also a valued voice in the political arena and sits on the board of directors for the American Security Project, is a member of both the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at the Brookings Institution.

As a businessman Fernando is well aware of the many areas the business world can intersect with the policical and social, and by maintaining an active voice in many arenas he is well-situated to make his current venture, Scoutahead, as much a success as Chopper Trading.

Eric Pulier Helped Us With Kids With Special Needs

Eric Pulier has helped a lot of the kids who have special needs because these kids need the best adaptive devices that they could use. Someone who is trying to be sure that they can help their kids needs to know the name of Eric Pulier because he has been so good about helping kids. He wants to be sure that all the kids who need technology help can get it, and he brought it to schools in the 90s using People Doing Things. He made a lot of devices for kids, and he created a really good system that helped many kids where mine went to school.

The kids in the classes we met were really ready for something new that would help them get through school. These kids wanted to feel like they had an actual chance of graduating, but they were not going to graduate unless they got help. Pulier wants to be sure that they can use all these devices, and he brought them into the schools to make sure that they kids got what they needed. The kids all got to ask questions about what they needed, and then they got devices they could actually keep once they graduated.

The planning from People Doing Things made life a lot easier for our children, and we knew other families that got the same results. I always felt very good about the work that was done by People Doing Things, and I loved to work with Eric Pulier. Pulier is such a good man who has been helping people for a long time, and we are so glad that he came to our school. He works in technology even now, and he has made it very easy for a lot of people to be productive.

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IT Leader John Goullet Leads At Diversant

Over the years, John Goullet has had many successful business ventures in the IT field. He is a serial entrepreneur. He started off his career by working as an IT consultant but in 1994 he made a transition to IT staffing. Working both the consultant side, and the staffing side of IT gave John Goullet a broad perspective on the industry. He applied this understanding of the market trends that were emerging to found Info Technologies. It was a company that provided It staffing solution to companies all over the nation including some Fortune 500 companies. John’s leadership proved effective and within 5 short years the company was worth $30 million. It placed on Inc. Magazine’s list of privately held US firms that were growing the fastest. As a visionary, John saw that he could go further by partnering with others so he merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. With the merger was born Diversant LLC. John assumed the mantle of Principal. He is active at the company forming strategies that help Diversant face and conquer the challenges of the evolving IT industry.

Diversant is a creative company that highly values diversity. Through diversity, innovation can be increased and problems can be solved more quickly. Companies should also reflect the local communities and hiring people who reflect the demographics of the local community is something that Diversant takes pride in. By embracing diversity fully, Diversant has a competitive advantage over other IT staffing firms. No one knows how to leverage the strength of diversity better than Diversant.

Diversant is registered and nationally certified as a minority-owned Business Enterprise. It creates industry leading pioneering programs that transform business and make them empowered. Diversant has created special diversity programs that can meet the talent needs and enhance the capabilities of all businesses in the IT industry that want to benefit from the strength of increased diversity.

The man of many firsts James Dondero

James Dondero is known around the world because of his success in business is the Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. His common name is “Jim Dondero.” He is an investment advisor who is based in Dallas and is among the most experienced and excellent alternative investment managers.

One of the most notable characters of Jim is that he is a manager who is proactive in his giving. His business being majorly global and very successful, James decides to do most of giving locally. Jim has been actively supporting education and healthcare activities in in the Dallas community. Working together with The Dallas Foundation, Jim has increased his philanthropic engagement to many civic organizations such as The Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum, and The Bush Presidential Library.

James Dondero said, “We were searching for a partner to help in managing our annual philanthropic budget that has grown to above $3 million.” The one found was Mary Jalonick, The President and CEO of The Dallas Foundation, together with her team of donor service experts and other philanthropists.

He then added after the search and said, “We chose The Dallas Foundation which is an organization that is so deeply concerned with the North Texas community. This has been proven over time with a record of achievement in the nonprofit community.”

Mary Jalonick, The president and CEO of The Dallas Foundation said, “Jim’s philanthropic strategy aligns beautifully with his business acumen in employing multi-year grants as part of his giving. Mostly rare in the philanthropic environment, these grants are unbelievably very important to most non-profit making organizations since they offer a very sustainable source of funding for the long term,”.

Currently, James and The Dallas Foundation have hired Linda Owen who is the former president and CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Her role at The Dallas Foundation is focusing exclusively on Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., in connection with Jim’s vision with non-profit making partners in improving the quality of life in North Texas.
Jim said that Linda’s guidance, experience, and relationships in the community would help in making a greater impact in North Texas communities.

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Talk Fusion Has The Best Video Services Out There

Talk Fusion is a company that a lot of people are talking about, raving about, and excited about, especially when it comes to the future. They see a company that is on the rise, and they are already successful and popular with their customers and clients, so the fact they are on the rise speaks volumes. It means they are going to reach epic levels. They won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is a big company and a company that is tough to please and that is meant in a good way. When someone is tough to please, it means they can tell the difference between products and find out which company is doing things the right way.

If there is a company that is doing the right thing all the time, it is Talk Fusion, as articled in the following link: They look for companies that have improved upon their product in the past twelve months. That is always a sign of great things when a company is improving their product instead of just staying pat and staying in the same position. Once a company has had some degree of success, it can be easy for them to just coast the rest of the way and take it easy.

That is not how Bob Reina wants Talk Fusion to be run and it is now how he wants the company to be looked at by the public. This is their second award, actually, from this company, so they are definitely on the right path and doing the right thing. They allow people to chat with anyone, anywhere, at anytime on a variety of platforms such as tablets, smartphones, and computers. It is that face-to-face interaction over video that makes the difference. They have always recently introduced free trials for customers.

This is a great way for the company to expand and reach an even bigger audience. Once people get their hands on this product, they will extend their free trial. Sometimes people just need to try something out and they are blown away by the results.


Using A Skin Whitening Cream Like Makari For A Better Complexion

There are people who want to try to fix their complexion, and they need to make sure they have chosen something that will bring them back into balance. Skin will start to change colors when it is not in balance, and it can develop a lot of different spots that are hard to handle. The spots can start to take over the skin, and that can make it very unattractive. The only way to solve that problem is to make sure that someone is using Makari skin whitening cream on the areas that do not look right.

Areas of the skin that seem to be wrong have to be treated every day, and it makes more sense for people to use the same cream every day. The cream that people use will start to get into the skin, and it will start to change the skin so that it will not look as dark as it did. The cream can be used many times to make sure it will change skin color, and the skin color will not be so dark that there is an obvious difference.

The obvious difference is what people notice, and it causes problems for the person who is trying to wear nicer clothes for the spring and summer. This is the perfect time for people to change their skin so they can wear looser and more revealing clothing, and that is why they need to be using Makari as often as they can.

Makari skin whitening cream will help someone who is unhappy with their complexion. They look down hoping for their skin to look pure and soft, but that is not what they see. Everyone who tries Makari every day will start to see a difference, and they will notice how simple it is to lighten dark spots.

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The New Benchmark for the Athleisure Market Is Here and It Is Called Fabletics

Recently, Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith sat down with the Co-Founder of Fabletics, Adam Goldenberg, to discuss their fashionable active wear, or athleisure, line co-founded by Kate Hudson. The company has been in business for 3 years and took in $44 billion in 2015, a 16% growth from 2014. There has been a distinct movement toward casual wear over the last several years. The general public wants to be comfortable but they also want to look stylish on Instagram. They offer high quality performance wear that competes with high end lines such as Lululemon, Athleta and Ivy Park at a fraction of the price. While one of these competitors will set you back over $100 for a two piece outfit, Fabletics offers many unique, well-made outfits for at least half that price. Launched as an ecommerce retailer, they have built their brand online rapidly in less than 3 years. They already have over a million subscribers to their VIP subscription program. However, the bulk of athleisure purchases still occur in brick and mortar stores. Fabletics does not want to miss out on that in store market so Goldberg has planned to open an additional 12 retail locations before the end of 2016. As lower priced competitors come onto the playing field there will be pressure to stay relevant. Opening retail stores helps Fabletics showcase their unique and quality active-wear to be the superior product.

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Fabletics has taken the athleisure market by storm, led at the helm by the ever lovely Kate Hudson. She appears in ads looking healthy, fit and happy. The marriage of the two is a perfect match. The use of her ‘backstage glimpse’ commercial filming lets people see her in a more natural light. As the happy, and definitely fitness conscious, person we all hoped she would be in real life. When you see the unique designs on Ms. Hudson on, it makes you want to buy an outfit and join a yoga studio – of the power yoga variety. The outfits themselves are definitely not the typical black yoga pant and grey t-shirt you run to the corner store in. Bright colors, elegant details and elongating lines bring the world of athleisure away from the stigma of ‘Has she just finished a session at the gym?’ to ‘I wonder where that outfit came from – I’ve got to have it!’

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Angie Koch offers investing advice in new Huffington Post column

Angela Koch, also known as Angie Koch, recently became a contributor for the Huffington

Post new site. As a contributor, Koch will write articles based on finance for the popular news blogging site. She brings her experience as head of
the U.S. Money Reserve, a gold, silver and precious metals firm, to
her new post.

The CEO of the largest government-issued gold and
precious metal coin distributor in the world now earned this position
earlier this month, according to a US Money Reserve press release.

Koch brings her experience developing the company’s culture and leading her fellow employees and executives to her new role. As a columnist for only news blog to win a Pulitzer Prize, she plans to offer her experience
and knowledge to more than 78 million unique readers per month.

Topics covered in her new column include leadership, business,
investment strategy, culture and politics. Her fist column touched
on all of these issues and how they affected the Democratic National

According to Glassdoor, The US Money Reserve CEO plans to continue offering investment advice and tips through hernew platform. Although she favors using precious metals in her own portfolio, she understands the importance of protecting a person’s investments by diversifying his portfolio. She will also offer tips and tricks for long-term investors and people just trying to get into the market, and she will cover news that affects all investors.

The US Money Reserve offers gold, silver, and other precious metal investing services to consumers all around the world. It deals largely in government-issued coins. Visitors can found out more by visiting the company’s website or by reading her latest column on the Huffington Post website.

People can purchase many coins that can be placed in their own safes from the former company. The company periodically adds new offers to its site.

Technology Marks The Changes Seen At RBS Under Duda Meltzer


The RBS Group has been in existence in Brazil providing news and entertainment via a range of newspapers, TV stations, and radio channels since 1957 when Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho established the company. Under the leadership of the Sirotsky family the RBS Group has remained a leader in the Brazilian media industry, but a changing climate for the media industry has seen the Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda, charged with the task of leading RBS into the future.

In a bid to make sure the RBS Group was given the best possible chance of surviving and thriving in the future founder Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho decided his family would have to prove themselves before they would be permitted to lead the RBS Group and its eBricks sister company. Duda Meltzer has embarked on a career that took him from the security of the Brazilian media industry to a successful education and career in the U.S. that gave him the necessary skills to lead RBS in the difficult media industry of the 21st century.

Duda Melzer has used a series of outlets to explain the position he has on the future of the media industry, and how RBS will fit into this in the future. Meltzer is a keen promoter of the use of technology in many different area of the RBS company, including in the communications between leaders at the company to speed the decision making process at all times. Melzer has been a constant figure in the lives of the Brazilian media industry, which he has stated he will be a part of with the RBS Group for years to come as the company finds even greater levels of success with new media technologies.

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