Whitney Wolfe Faces Antagonism After The Ban Of Gun Content In Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder of the popular networking App, Bumble an initiative she launched in 2014. Within four years, the app has grown tremendously hitting a client base of up to 35 million subscribers in 144 countries. The women empowerment app has since launched different features like Bumble Bff that allows for making friends of the same sex and Bumble Bizz for promoting professional networking. The idea of the dating up came from Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo.

Whitney Wolfe is a Southern Methodist University graduate with a major in International studies. Having spent her childhood in Salt Lake City, she traveled to South Eastern Asia to work in orphanages after graduating. At the age of 22, Whitney became the deputy head of the marketing department for Tinder. She used her position to influence the company’s name and logo as well as source out potential users. Whitney carried this marketing experience to Bumble, and within the first year of the company’s operation, they had created about 80 Million matches and had 15 million ongoing unique interactions. The hardworking entrepreneur was married last year in Italy with Michael Herd, an oil and gas businessman.

Following the Mass shootings in Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, the Bumble CEO banned any gun content appearing in the app, stirring up different reactions from users who were pro-gun activists. Whitney Wolfe gave $100,000 in a donation to the pro-gun control group March for Our Lives in response to the shootings. Speaking to the Times, she said that together with her staff, they received numerous threats forcing her to call for help from the police who watched over their offices for several weeks.

Whitney Wolfe added that despite the cyber attacks and threat, she would not lift the ban because guns were against the brand’s co values of accountability, kindness, and equality. According to her, most women who lost their lives in domestic abuse was as a result of guns and she was not going to promote their use.

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The Work of Jacob Gottlieb

The CIO of Visium Asset Management, Jacob Gottlieb has been making an impact on the business world for quite some time. A graduate of New York University Medical School where he graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree, Gottlieb has led Visium to tremendous success. He spent years practicing medicine at at St. Vincent’s Hospital before moving on to other business ventures.

Jacob Gottlieb is a native of Brooklyn, New York. He comes from a family of successful people. His father Max Gottlieb, is a professor of economics at the City University in New York. His mother is also in the medical industry, working as a pediatrician. His parents successful careers certainly had a major impact on his choice for an occupation.

Gottlieb has an impressive resume that makes him worthy of his current title. Before working with Visium, Gottlieb was a member of the team that established the Balyasny Asset Management, L.P. Before being a founder of Balyasny he worked as a portfolio manager at Merlin Financial in England. He even has experience as an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC. Gottlieb has excelled in many positions and has proven he is more than qualified to work as the Chief Investment Officer at Visium.

Throughout his career Gottlieb has shown a passion for giving back and helping the community. One of his passions is his group Math For America. Math for America is an organization committed to teachers. They have established fellowships for teachers that are great at teaching math and science. Their mission is simple. They want an America that values, trusts and respects its mathematics and science teachers. Gottlieb has been active in the Math of America foundation for quite some time.


Surf Air Recommends Coffee and Workplaces with Personal Spaces

You might be feeling down, and you want to take that mug of coffee to boost your energy early morning before you can kick-start your day. Maybe you are looking for that place where you can sit down and work for some few hours. Surf Air recommends some wonderful places along the California coastline that you will enjoy.

Alfred Coffee at Loss Angeles
This joint offers tea on tap! And not just the popular tea around, it is the Health-Ade Kombucha. The place serves vegetarian dishes that you can enjoy at that place, or you can choose to cash and carry. Surf Air recommends this facility has spacious dining places where you can sit with your laptop without distracting noises and perform various tasks while you enjoy nitro cold brew mug of coffee. Other worthy items on the menu you can taste include pressed juice, Stumptown town latte, and Compartes.

The Mill at San Francisco
Maybe you are looking for that place where you can go as family members or a group from your evening class and discuss some critical issues. Surf Air recommends this place because it has significant and communal tables that will accommodate all members of the group. You can also enjoy your privacy as the sitting arrangement is arranged such that it can accommodate groups and individuals. This is the nice place where you can enjoy coffee and a toast of bread.

Santa Barbara Dune Coffee Roasters
Dune Coffee Roasters is a convenient place, especially if you are coming from the Surf Air terminal from the city. It is a 15 minutes’ drive where you can use the easily available cabs in the area. Surf Air recommends this joint because of its convenience, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays when there is the Farmer’s market. You can grab your vegetables and pass at this place for coffee treatment before heading back home. Other dishes to enjoy include homemade pastry which is baked on-site among others.

Ryan Seacrest On NY Times


Ryan Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974. Today in 2018, Seacrest is a radio talk show host, successful television host, and noted producer. Seacrest became nationally known while hosting American Idol in its years on the air and started co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2017. Ryan is now the host for the revival of American Idol which started back this year.

In 2005, Seacrest became executive producer of ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. In 2009, ABC renamed the New Year’s show, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve With Ryan Seacrest. With Ryan’s participation in the show, the show skyrocketed to 22.6 million viewers for the New Year’s television event.

Ryan Seacrest Productions

In 2006, Ryan Seacrest Productions started in collaboration with E network. Since 2006, Ryan’s production company has successfully produced the hit series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and the Kardashians spin-offs for E Network. Just last year, Seacrest signed a deal with ABC in which his production and media company would develop products for ABC exclusively.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Seacrest started Ryan Seacrest Foundation in 2010. The foundation has nine children centers across the country.


Seacrest moved to New York last year. His typical day begins with hosting “Live” with Kelly Ripa, hosting a radio show, his production duties, and hosting the rebooted American Idol series.

Seacrest wakes up ready to go around 6 am each weekday. After a shower and a shave, it’s time for tea and coffee. The first half of his day is routine, leaving the afternoon for long-term projects.

Ryan believes in good wine and food. During his busy weekdays, life is busy and his meals routine. On his weekends, he enjoys a lively slow family meal, with a great bottle of wine.

Seacrest worked for Dick Clark a few years before his passing. Seacrest, as his success can attest, has taken Dick Clark’s analogy on a successful career to heart. As Dick Clark has said to Seacrest in their conversations on success, Clark defined success as when you make your job look natural and do not make it seem hard to do the job; you are doing your job well.

Dick Clark would be proud. Seacrest undeniably is one of the hardest working men in the entertainment world, and at the same time make all his jobs seem easy to do!

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End Citizens United Seeks To Turn Paul Ryan’s Seat Into Win For Democrats

Political observers once agreed that Randy Bryce was most likely a “sacrificial lamb” for the Democratic party in Wisconsin. He was running against none other than the Speaker of House, Paul Ryan, for the 1st Congressional District seat of the Badger State.

But Ryan stunned everyone when he announced recently that he was done. He is no longer seeking re-election and will leave politics. Suddenly, the prospects of Randy Bryce look a lot better. He now has an excellent shot of taking a seat held by Republicans for decades.

Randy Bryce has also received the endorsement of End Citizens United, a grassroots political action committee focused on reforming the way political campaigns are run in America.

Specifically, End Citizens United is dedicated to overturning a 2010 Supreme Court decision proven to be among the most disastrous rulings ever handed down by the High Court. Its so-called Citizens United decision allowed for unlimited spending by PACs and Super PACs in U.S. elections. Greedy billionaires and giant corporations can contribute as much money as they want to “buy” their candidate of choice.

Randy Bryce is among those running who has refused to accept Big Money donations from corporations or PACs. He has raised nearly $2 million from individual voters averaging just $25 each.

Bryce is running his campaign in the way political races were originally intended to be run in America. That’s what End Citizens United wants — a return to a system where individual citizens and voters can make their voices heard — and not be drowned out and disenfranchised by cash-bloated wealthy elites.

End Citizens United also accepts only small donations. In fact, the group has raised an incredible $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterms. The average donation is just $14 each. The group also has also garnered some 3 million members. In addition to raising funds to help pro campaign reform candidates get elected, ECU volunteers are working on the ground level — knocking on doors, making phone calls — for campaigns across America.

Flipping at least one House of Congress this fall from Republican control to Democrat control would be a major victory for End Citizens United.

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MB2 Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

MB2 Dental Welcomes Jackson Hildebrand as the New Chief Financial Officer. The board management of MB2 Dental Solutions recently released a press statement that indicated the appointment of Jackson Hildebrand as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). According to the management board, Jackson Hildebrand will oversee the financial management of MB2 Dental Solutions in all their 91 practices. Additionally, Jackson Hildebrand will manage the MB2’s end-to-end financial operations such as financial reporting and maximize as well as accounting with an objective of expanding MB2.

When the Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental solutions, Dr. Chris Villanueva, was asked to comment regarding the appointment of Jackson Hildebrand as the new CFO, he said that the firm was thrilled to welcome him. He added that since MB2 Dental solution is a platform that allows dentists to invest, the financial skills of Jackson would propel the company to more success.

According to the CEO, Jackson is the most qualified candidate since he understands the financial ordeals that dental practitioners undergo. The new CFO is expected to play a fundamental role in realizing the objectives of the firm.

Jackson Hildebrand has vast experience and skills having worked in the private equity field and the financial sector. He is set to bring unique leadership and financial skills at MB2 so that dentists can continue to invest and venture into other areas.

When Hildebrand was approached to comment on his new appointment, he responded by saying that his greatest dream was to shift from a private equity firm to portfolio company where he would handle daily operations. He added that is essential to be part of something significant such as the MB. He believes that his skills will be useful and will result in total growth of MB2.

Before joining MB2, Jackson Hildebrand served as the Financial Director at TPG capital where he was responsible for overseeing all the financial operations and accounting. He holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in accounting from Texas A&M University.

MB2 Dental solutions is a Dental Support Organization that works with affiliated dentists and sole practitioners everywhere.

For details: mb2dental.com/hurricaneharvey/

PSI Pay Breaks Down The Difference Between Bitcoin and E-Money

Bitcoin has been fluctuating since it appeared on the scene in 2009. Initially, only financial experts have been able to track and understand its flow, however as more people are becoming familiar with this currency they are investing and following it to see what happens next. Still, the bitcoin is not a simple currency to follow and often gets confused with e-money. Even though they are both a form of virtual currency, e-money more popular and they both use separate institutions and business practices to conduct their operations.


How Does E-Money Work?

Electronic money is really a storage of conventional money supported by fiat currency. It is regulated by a central bank. Its users are required to create accounts through the ecoPayz system. EcoPayz is a secure online digital account owned by PSI-Pay Ltd. The money is primarily used for online purposes, however, it is linked to conventional currency. The main use of it is to make transactions electronically use an app. It is also useful if a prepaid card is linked to it to exchange funds for physical money.


How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that needs peer-to-peer exchanges in order to function. There is no central bank governing it. Its transactions are verified by a host of computers. Its value fluctuates according to demand and public’s trust. Cryptocurrency is an alternative to fiat currency and is not printed like fiat money. Bitcoin is also limited to 21 million to prevent cryptocurrency from being affected by inflation.


The Different Wallets

Bitcoin needs a system like a forex exchange. Coinbase is a popular system that works for trading various cryptocurrencies and can also store cryptocurrency. Getting this digital currency wallet is usually free. once you have the wallet you use your normal credit or debit card to make Bitcoin purchases.


Ewallets are also usually free. They work more like the wallet in your pocket. You load money through your bank account or credit card to keep a wallet stored online.

EWallets allow you to transfer funds between accounts quickly and securely. The platform the eWallet uses PSI-Pay’s ecoPayz system, and it allows you to withdraw money from the ATM. This is only possible because e-money is supported by fiat money.


About PSI-Pay Ltd

PSI-Pay is a global company that offers a rapid, secure, and private channel for global payment transactions. This channel can be used by businesses as well as individuals. PSI-Pay Ltd is governed by the FCA under the EU electronic money regulations in 2011. PSI-Pay Ltd offers virtual and physical card programs through MasterCard for companies and individuals globally. These programs range from the corporate expense management to remote staff payment programs that use a PSI card and account facilities.

The Jeunesse Global Mission Is To Empower People Through Products That Make Them Feel And Look Younger

Jeunesse may not be a name that rings a bell in the minds of some consumers. But this global company rings a bell in the minds of consumers who want to look and feel younger. Jeunesse has a revolutionary product line and cutting-edge technology that gives consumers an advantage in this 21st-century environment. Randy and Wendy Lewis developed the Jeunesse concept in 2009. Randy and Wendy are successful entrepreneurs who have a history in direct sales, and the Jeunesse product platform is one of the most innovative direct sales platforms in the world.


Wendy Lewis wants people to live longer and enjoy life, and that mindset is the foundation for products like Instantly Ageless. Instantly Ageless reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and those little aging lines that seem to find a home around your eyes and forehead. The Jeunesse luminesce™ anti-aging skin care line is another winner in the company’s product line because it restores that glow your skin radiates when your fine lines and wrinkles disappear.


Even though Jeunesse offers people a line of skin products that enhance natural beauty, the company also offers you a unique blend of SuperFruits in a product the company calls “Reserve.” Reserve helps people develop a wellness regime that includes natural products and lifestyle changes. There’s no sugar or artificial flavors in Reserve, so it helps fight the free radicals that threaten normal cellular functions.


The company is also focused on weight management. Randy and Wendy did the research and found a method that helps people manage their weight. ZEN Project 8™ teaches people how to bring a Zen-like approach to their daily routine. The ZEN Project is an 8 week, step-by-step guide that brings expert coaching and ZEN products into the lives of people who need help achieving their weight management goals. The ZEN Project toolkit offers people a realistic and simple approach to weight control.


Randy and Wendy continue to develop products that enhance wellness as people move through the cycles of life. They don’t claim to have all the answers. But the answers and the products they offer people help them become a younger and more active version of who they want to be.



Traveling to the Beautiful Fagali Airport

The Fagali Airport is the only airport found on the beautiful Somoa Islands. Other than the airport, the island has just a few housing communities and stores for resident convenience. The airport was once owned by the government but was closed due to noise and pollution violations. The airport was used primarily for military testing and training. After it was closed, it remained abandoned for several years before Polynesian Airlines purchased it in 1998 and reopened it as the Fagali Airport. Now, the airport is the biggest facility on the island and continues to expand to offer more amenities and airlines for those traveling to and from the area.

The Fagali Airport has a few airlines found within facility such as Somoa Air, Pogo Pogo Air and South Pacific Airways. Somoa Air is the only international airline within the airport, and it offers flights to America, Canada and Africa. The airport recently received a safety award from the International Flight Association as being one of the most secure airports in the world. The airport takes its job seriously when concerning bag checks and security checks to ensure that everyone going onto the plane is free of weapons and other harmful substances. Over 200 people work for the Fagali Airport and can be found keeping the airport running efficiently.

If you’ll be traveling through the airport, there are several amenities available to make flying a lot more convenient. These amenities include an in-house restaurant that is open around the clock, several cafes and coffee shops as well as a large gift shop ideal for picking up items you want to bring home to your family. Because over 30,000 flights leave the airport each year and millions of people use the airport annually, it’s one of the busiest airports in the world.

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Shervin Pishevar: Twitter Prophet

Shervin Pishevar, tech and finance entrepreneur and investment mogul, took to Twitter in February 2018 to post a flurry of tweets with his predictions about everything from the US economy as a whole to the future of Bitcoin, as well as his thoughts about Silicon Valley. This 21 hour stream of consciousness twitter storm resulted in 50 loosely structured tweets.

One of his thoughts was about how small start-ups are crushed by bigger companies. He wrote “[Tech giants have the power of a nation-state to destroy vulnerable start-ups threatening their monopolies. They’ll use that great power overtly+covertly.”

Pishevar extended the idea further saying that the five iconic tech companies in the United States, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, will eventually fail but not before stifling any innovative startups that threaten their profits.

He also expresses his belief that Silicon Valley mentality is not exclusive to Silicon Valley anymore, and while it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is not a good sign for short team economy growth in the region.

He writes, “while we build walls physical and cultural to keep out immigrant talent that talent doesn’t need to come here anymore.”

Shervin Pishevar also offers some of his ideas about the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He predicts that Bitcoin will continue to decrease in value until bottoming out and stabilizing at around $2000 to $5000. After this stabilization, it will have a steady incline over the following two years and would eventually allow a global economy.

“Gold will rise in response. Bitcoin will continue to crash but stabilize at 2-5k range and begin a more stable rise over next 24 mo’s,” he wrote.

Shervin Pishevar has long been a key player in the success of Silicon Valley. As an angel investor, he’s seeded over 60 companies and co-founded Investment company through which he invested in companies like Uber and Airbnb. But this tech mogul predicts that the United States economy will drastically change and that Silicon Valley is losing its edge against foreign competition. Shervin Pishevar may be right on some fronts but only time will tell for sure.